Arena of Valor Betting Sites – What You Need to Know?

Arena of Valor is a mobile MOBA that has taken the world by storm, setting new records for mobile competitive gaming and wider esports. Arena of Valor betting is a great way to get more out of the game's competitive scene. This is everything you need to know to get more out of Arena of Valor esports betting, the best AoV betting sites, and the biggest AoV tournaments.

Arena of Valor (aov) - Latest eSports Stats

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Game Details

Genre: MOBA Format: 5-v-5 Publisher: Tencent Games Release Date: 2016

Prize Money Awarded: 49,53 million from 109 Tournaments

Largest Prize Pool

Tournament Name: Arena of Valor World Cup Prize Money: $10 Million

Top Country

Country Name: South-East Asia Prize Money: $10 Million

Different Types of Betting and How to Bet on Arena of Valor

Esports Arena of Valor competitions have loads of potential for betting, and you don’t have to just stick to what team is going to win a match. There are loads of options and possibilities to bet on Arena of Valor. If you mix up what you’re betting on, you can take advantage of better odds. This is how the types of bets all work:

Arena of Valor heroes

Types of Bets

AoV has quite a few different types of bets. The bigger matches have more options available, and some smaller tournaments aren’t covered as expansively. However, these are the general bets you’ll find at pretty much all Arena of Valor wagering sites, no matter which esports teams are playing:

  • Match Winner – The Match Winner of a game is just which team wins the game! This is the simplest type of game. It isn’t too complicated to go for one Arena of Valor esports team to win, but this can still be tricky to predict!
  • Map Winner – Like a lot of different games, any Arena of Valor wagering site will let you gamble on who will win a specific map or round in the game. This one can be good if you’re confident to pick an overall winner, but you’re optimistic about a team grabbing the next map. This is a smaller bet on AoV, but it can be a good pick.
  • Handicap – A handicap bet attaches extra constraints on the favorite, to make it a more even bet. This is based on who wins, but with the teams more evened out to make the odds closer. This is great for less-close match-ups, where an underdog needs a bit of a hand!
  • Map Handicap – This is just like the handicap, but it’s to a single map rather than the entire game.
  • Over/Under – You can bet over or under the points scored by a team in a game. This lets you bet on what the score will be without having to predict the entire score! This can be good for unpredictable matches in Arena of Valor esports betting.
  • Score – This is a common bet across esports and sports, you’re trying to predict what the entire score of the game is going to be.
  • First Blood – This is a fun bet; it is which player or team is going to be the first to get a kill. This is a very common bet in Arena of Valor esports betting and other games.
  • Total Kills – Total kills cover the full number of kills that a team will get in a game.

Live Betting and Live Streaming Options

Live streaming AoV can help you stay on top of how a game is progressing, but you can combine this with betting too. Live betting lets you place bets on the game as it’s in progress midway through AoV tournaments and even games you can adjust. This way you can change up your stake or even cash out to secure profit as the match progresses! This can be a great way to get more out of Arena of Valor betting.

Live betting on Arena of Valor esports teams can work particularly well if you’re using live streaming too. Most of the best AoV betting sites offer live streaming of games alongside betting. You can watch the games on the same site as you’re betting. This lets you take advantage of changes in a game quickly without having to move between a stream and the AoV wagering sites.

The big question for live streaming is the quality of the stream. Most streams are mirrors of the official video from organizers. So, they will largely have the same quality. Although, some betting sites have better interfaces and mirrors than other sites! Most of the best Arena of Valor betting sites have decent streams to watch though.

Types of Live Bets

If you’re looking to bet on this game live, most sites offer pretty much the same betting markets and types of bets as normal betting. These are the types of bets you can place live:

  • Match/Map Winner
  • Handicap
  • Score
  • First Blood
  • Kills

Where to Bet on Arena of Valor

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AoV’s Biggest Tournaments

AoV is a huge game that has tournaments that run all across the world. The biggest and best tournaments have huge prize pools on offer. If you’re looking for the right picks for esports AoV betting though, you can look further than just the main tournaments. There are regional competitions and other smaller picks that you can go for to get the most out of things. This is how the Arena of Valor esports tournaments are organized and how everything works:

The Arena of Valor tournament system is organized around two major events. These are the International Championship, and the Arena of Valor World Cup. These are the highest-level events. However, there is a whole circuit of more regional competitions which decide who qualifies for these major tournaments. Arena of Valor esports betting covers the big events, but also the more regional tournaments. Teams compete in regional competitions with the best players going forward to the highest-level tournaments. This is how the Arena of Valor tournaments work, and what are the biggest events at AoV betting sites:

Tournament Schedule

The AoV competition calendar is dominated by the International Championship. However, there are lots of different tournaments throughout the year. If you’re looking at esports betting for Arena of Valor, you’re really never very far from an event with high-level gameplay. This is the main competitive calendar for Arena of Valor esports teams:

  • Arena of Valor International Championship – This is the major international event for the game, bringing together winners of other tournaments. It features high prize pools and functions as an end-of-season championship. If you’re looking to bet on Arena of Valor, this is one of the biggest events to pick.
  • Regional Leagues – Regional Leagues decide which teams are going to make it through to the international competitions. These are hosted across Thailand, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Malaysia/Singapore/The Philippines, South Korea, and Japan. They’re held in the lead-up to the International Championship and feature a decent prize pool.
  • World Cup – The World Cup is a tournament where teams are selected to represent their region and battle it out to find which team is at the top. This is a once-a-year event that’s great for AoV esports betting.

Those are the main AoV tournaments on the esports calendar. All of these are going to be covered at the best Arena of Valor betting sites.

Prize Pools

This game features some impressive prize pools, especially for a mobile game. The biggest tournaments command huge prizes. The highest prize pool in the game so far is definitely for the Arena of Valor World Cup. Most recently the prize pool for this tournament was as high as $10,000,000. The International Championship has an impressive prize too, going up to $2,000,000. These are definitely on the higher end, even compared to some of the biggest games out there. Esports Arena of Valor matches have huge stakes when you consider these prizes.

Place Your Bets on Arena of Valor

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Arena of Valor Betting Tips and Tricks

While it is a mobile game, bets on Arena of Valor are based on a complex game. If you’re looking at a match with a clear favorite on AoV wagering sites, there are a lot of unexpected developments that can happen. To get the most out of Arena of Valor betting, then there are some tips that can help you. This is what you need to know:

  • Stick to the Best AoV Betting Sites – The best esports betting websites for Valor esports offer better odds and better coverage of markets. Stick with sites you can trust that also give good value.
  • Follow the Teams and Game – Keep up to date with the changes to the game’s meta and team rosters. The more you know about the teams going into a match, the more educated your bets on Arena of Valor betting sites are going to be.
  • Unique Objectives – A MOBA like AoV has unique objectives and markets to the game, look at these as a possibility for esports betting.
  • Get Creative with Bets – The types of AoV bets available are pretty varied, you can get more out of betting if you make use of all of them. Sometimes first blood or over/under can be a better pick if the odds are tight for the two teams.
  • Compare Odds – Different bookmakers are going to have different odds for the same bets. Make sure you’re comparing the odds-on different sites to get the best payout for your bet.


  • Is AoV Betting Safe?

    Arena of Valor betting is very safe as long as you stick to licensed sites. The best Arena of Valor betting sites are all perfectly safe to use and you can feel secure your bets on AoV are safe.
  • Is Arena of Valor the Same as Honor of Kings?

    AoV is the international version of Honor of King. The games have a lot of similarities. However, there are a lot of changes both to the visuals and the theme of the game that make it quite distinct. In the future, they will have a shared esports Arena of Valor tournaments though. This might mean games look a bit different, but it won't change AoV betting. The best esports teams will still be playing in the game too!
  • How to Bet on AoV?

    If you're looking to bet on Arena of Valor, it is pretty simple. This is how you can do it:
    • Head to one of the best Arena of Valor betting sites.
    • Register and claim your welcome bonus if applicable.
    • Open the AoV section and pick the fixture you're betting on.
    • Select your bet on AoV and enter your stake to place your bet!