Overwatch Betting Sites – How and Where to Bet on This Game

Overwatch is one of the premier esports out there and betting is a big part of that competitive world. If you're looking to bet on Overwatch, you need to know a bit more than just how the game works. It pays to know how the Overwatch League works, what you can bet on, the best Overwatch betting sites, and generally how you can get the most out of Overwatch esports betting. We're going to run you through everything you need to know:

Overwatch - Latest eSports Stats

Ashe's Deadlock Challenge
Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 1
Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021
Game Details

Genre: First Person Shooter Format: 5v5 Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Release Date: 2016

Prize Money Awarded: 18.2 Million from ≈ 30 Tournaments

Largest Prize Pool

Tournament Name: Overwatch League Prize Money: $3.5 Million

Top Country

Country Name: South Korea Prize Money: $12.8 Million

All Types of Overwatch Bets Available

Overwatch eSports betting

If you’re looking to bet on Overwatch, there are loads of options for what exactly that can be. This is one of the biggest esports, so you have a great selection, although a lot of them are limited to the Overwatch League. These are the main forms of esports betting Overwatch covers:

Type of Bets for Overwatch

  • Match Winner – This is a bet on the outcome or winner of an individual match, so which team will win. There are variations here too, like some calling this a moneyline bet.
  • Handicap Bet – A handicap bet option gives one team an advantage or disadvantage placing them on a more equal footing. This is a good bet for a matchup between high and low-ranked teams.
  • Points and Score – You can bet on the score for matches and which teams win what rounds. Here, predicting the exact result of a match can have a decent payout.
  • Bet on Overall Tournament – You can bet on which team will win an overall tournament or Bracket, like the May Melee or the overall League.
  • Special Bets – These are more match specific, and they can cover if a team beats a previous kill record or any other specific outcome. These are more niche, and they’ll vary from game to game.

Betting Options

For Overwatch there are a few main types of betting. Probably the biggest and most notable here are bets on pro esports Overwatch matches. This is mainly the Overwatch League, a yearly competition with regular matches and smaller Overwatch tournaments, followed by a Grand Final. However, there are some other betting options out there. This is how they all work:

  • Bets on Professional Overwatch – These are bets like the type listed above on a competitive game. This is mainly the Overwatch League, but there are other competitions too.
  • Bets on Streamers – You can bet outside on how streamers and other players are going to perform in Overwatch matches. These are similar types of bets to pro matches, but they’re played on normal in-game lobbies.
  • Bet on Your Own Performance – With some betting sites, you can bet on your performance in Overwatch games. This is usually if you win a game but other metrics like your score or k/d can be applicable too.
  • Overwatch Wagers – These are more informal bets on a match rather than what you’d find on most betting sites. However, Overwatch wagers can be popular to some.

Overwatch Live Betting Action

Live betting lets you capitalize on changes in games and your bets as they happen! Used carefully, this can be a great strategy for getting the most out of your esports betting. This isn’t available at every bookmaker but a decent number of the best esports bookmakers have Overwatch live streaming and betting. This is where you can change, cash out, or place a bet mid-game. Live betting for the game can be done pretty much the same as any other bet pre-match! Just make your selection and place it. Although, you’ll have to watch out for fast-changing odds when betting live.

The Live Bets

Live Overwatch betting works largely the same as bets pre-match. Although, you’ll have to act quickly to capitalize on how odds change throughout a game. Overwatch esports matches can turn pretty quickly, so you need to know about the type of bets and what they mean for the game. In terms of what bets are available, you can place all the same bets on Overwatch as in pre-match betting, such as:

  • Match Winner
  • Handicap
  • Points and Score
  • Match and Round Result
  • Special Bets

Is Live Streaming an Option?

Live streaming of Overwatch is pretty widely available across bookmakers. The Overwatch League is typically broadcasted on YouTube. These same streams are shown on numerous esports betting sites that support Overwatch. The streams are the same mirror of the official stream on every site. So, it doesn’t matter which you use for Overwatch betting outside of how well their player functions and how reliable it is.

If you’re looking at live betting, then having a stream up at the same time helps you to stay informed. A lot of Overwatch betting websites offer their own streams of live matches. However, if for some reason one of the Overwatch betting sites isn’t carrying a specific game then you can always go to the official stream. This is the Overwatch League’s YouTube channel, where you can find every game for live betting.

Where to Bet on Overwatch Esports

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The Biggest Events You Can Bet On

The biggest events for an e-sport are usually the tournaments that are best for esports betting, for Overwatch, there is only one major event to watch for. The official Overwatch League encompasses the entire esports Overwatch scene at the highest level, although there are some smaller tournaments for different types of talent. If you’re new, then the League would be your first stop.

The Overwatch League is running from May through to the end of the year. The prize pool for the total tournament is over $1 million. However, the schedule for tournaments is a bit more complicated with mini-tournaments throughout the year. You’ll need to know how it works for esports betting on Overwatch. The League has four mini-tournaments, each with a regular-season stage of group matches followed by play-offs. At the end of the season, a Grand Final bracket is held to get the full winner. This is how it breaks down:

  • Kick-Off Clash Regular Matches
  • Kick-Off Clash Final
  • Midseason Madness Regular Matches
  • Midseason Madness Final
  • Summer Showdown Regular Matches
  • Summer Showdown Final
  • Countdown Cup
  • Grand Finals

Other Tournaments

The League is where the majority of Overwatch esports betting is going to be happening. Most bookmakers only cover the League, but some can go a bit further and cover more minor Overwatch competitions. These are the other regular tournaments to be aware of and lower levels of competition:

  • Overwatch World Cup – The Overwatch Cup is a yearly tournament that has run in the past. Here Overwatch pro players are divided by their home countries for matches. It hasn’t run in a few years but could make a comeback with Overwatch 2.
  • Overwatch Contenders – This is the level of competition just below the Overwatch League, where players try to make the jump to the highest level. Often OWL players make their start here.
  • Saudi eLeagues – This is a seasonal League for Overwatch with some lower-level play.
  • Overwatch Collegiate Championship Series – While this is another smaller tournament, it has a decent prize pool of over $50,000.


Those are all of the major Overwatch League tournaments, but how do they compare in terms of prizes? The biggest prize pool is the Overwatch League. Each season has a prize pool that is usually around $3-4 million. In some seasons, it has reached as high as $5 million. Although, the prize for esports Overwatch, in general, has been trending down lately.

Smaller tournaments have more minor prize pools, with Contenders having around $100,000 for the season. The League is definitely the biggest event in terms of prize money through and if you’re looking to bet on this game.

Place Your Bets on Overwatch

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Helpful Betting Tips

If you’re looking into betting, then tips and tricks for how everything works can help you go a bit further. Overwatch is unpredictable so it can be tricky to call games right. These are some esports betting tips to watch out for in the game:

  • Watch the Game’s Balance Notes – Make sure you’re updated on changes and how they affect a team’s go-to composition or heroes. For example if Overwatch is close to a release of a sequel and pro games are on a changing alpha build, that will for sure affect the overall performance.
  • Are Overwatch Tournaments Using 1 or 2? – With a second game now being used for only official events, make sure you know which version of the game the tournaments are using.
  • Know the Teams – Do your research on all of the teams in the Overwatch League and how they compare at the moment. Players can come and go fast, leaving previous champions struggling in the following season.
  • Look for Promos – Esports betting promos are a great way to get a bit more out of your normal esports bet, make sure you’re looking around what’s available to get the best deal.
  • Use Live Betting to Your Advantage – Watch streams, check odds, and cash out if you’re at a decent profit while the game is changing! Live betting is a great way to get an edge in Overwatch betting.


  • How to Bet on Overwatch League?

    Betting on the Overwatch esports league is really simple! This is all you need to do:
    • Head to an esports bookmaker, we've highlighted the top ones for Overwatch esports betting here.
    • Log in or make an account if you're not registered. Make sure to check their sign-up bonus.
    • Find Overwatch on their site, this is normally under 'Esports'.
    • Pick the right match fixture that's coming up.
    • Select your bet and check the odds.
    • Pick your stake, confirm your bet, and watch the game to see if you're a winner!
  • What Are the Best Sites for Overwatch Betting?

    Overwatch is one of the biggest esports games around, so it is covered by quite a few different bookmakers. Our full reviews for the best esports bookmakers cover what the best sites are, but we've got some quick picks above as to where to place your Overwatch bets.
  • Is Overwatch League the Only Event to Bet On?

    The League is definitely the main Overwatch tournament to bet on here. However, there are other tournaments too, including Contenders. You'll have to look out for the other events though as they aren't covered by every bookmaker in Overwatch. On the right sites though you can bet on different events like streamer games.