Smite eSports – New Opportunities for Online Betting

The hour of Smite eSports has struck. A title with less name recognition than other Multiple Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, but an outstanding product in its own right. Hi-Rez Studio designed their mythology-inspired product explicitly as a member of the eSports family. The game has drawn large crowds year in and year out, and today has more than 35 million registered players worldwide. Aside from PC, Smite is also available on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Rumors discuss the incorporation of a “crossplay” compatibility between consoles and computers, which may even branch out to the eSports tournament scene.

Smite - Latest eSports Stats

Smite Official Game Trailer
Top plays from SMITE eSports
SMITE eSports update show
Game Details

Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Format: 5v5 Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios Release Date: 2014

Prize Money Awarded: $20,695,612 From 100 Tournaments

Largest Prize Pool

Tournament Name: Smite World Championship 2015 Prize Money: $2,612,259.00

Top Country

Country Name: USA Prize Money: $3,512,644

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To garner a better understanding of the eSports scene for Smite and what betting there is around it, we will need to look into the existing prize haul up for grabs. Throughout the article you will learn about:

  • Ongoing tournaments, as they prove essential in placing one’s wager
  • Smite eSports betting strategies and how to be a little better at it
  • Types of Smites bets and where to bet
  • An overview of Smite eSports

Smite eSports – Markets Offered at Betting Websites

A number of bookies have embraced the game and featured it regularly. Beyond that, Smite is still in its infancy as an eSport. Would-be bettors may do well to head for the main websites first, though. There are several things we need to take a closer look at first.

Match Bets

Put simply, most MOBA games would command the run-of-the-mill match/tournament outcome type of bet, which is, well, the most common. It consists of calling up in advance the winner of a game or tournament and pray that your gods would knock the other buggers’ gods first.

Handicap Bets

Occasional bets such as handicap do pop up, but they are not as common a sight as their match and tournament outcome counterparts.

Bitcoin Bets

Bitcoin betting is also available for Smite. However, the punter should be wary of such places as the cryptocurrency is in itself largely unregulated. It cuts both ways, offering some anonymity but there is also room for foul play. Check out our piece dedicated to bitcoins to find out more.

Where To Bet On smite

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Smite Gameplay & Features

  • For the newcomers to online betting, we have penned an excellent article on getting better at eSports betting so if you need to learn the ropes of it, make sure you check it out first. Overall, it boils down to knowing your enemy, but also being familiar with the game you are betting on. As a rule of thumb, Smite betting is not too difficult to master, with events being rather fewer than the ones running for eSports that are more popular.
  • Still, prior to placing a bet you ought to have investigated thoroughly the previous showings of teams. We advise that you compare how teams fair up against each other and recommend that you do not over trust bookies odds, as operators are overzealous about crunching numbers which are so far easily beaten by the gut feeling of someone who has shown an honest interest in a the title.
  • Social media has played a huge role in keeping punters ahead of the curve. Players quite readily share and stream their performances as offers some extra nickel and dime to everyone who foregathers a bulky crowd of followers.
  • In conclusion, we advise you to get some game time and sign up for a few Twitch channels as well as follow the current scene for this burgeoning eSports.

Place Your Bets on Smite

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eSports Smite Is Here to Stay

World Championship 2019 Finals Team Rival vs SK Gaming

Negativity is not difficult to come by these days, but one remarkable achievement of eSports is how they have dealt with the sterotypes associated with video games. The fact that households across the world turn to video gaming, and in turn to eSports, is a telltale sign that the future holds many a good thing.

Smite and eSports is increasingly assembling all the trappings of mainstream sports, with Smite betting gaining traction along the way. There are two distinct reasons why anyone would wager on the outcome of an eSports:

  • You want to get more kicks out of Smite eSports.
  • Or you think you are savvy enough to get some extra buck watching a video game you love.

Whatever your reason may be, the fact is suite-clad gents will continue to comment at the big tournaments the game offers and with hefty prize pools, bookies are not going away anytime soon.

Smite eSports is however a frail beast. It is flimsy insofar as it depends on Hi-Rez Studios for its future development, and the studio has been known to drop the ball on previous games. However, there are no signs of abetment on the part of developers and bookies alike, so why would anyone go back on Smite betting? Precisely! No-one is.

Meanwhile, detractors may be disproved by quoting such figures in the Smite eSports community as HIREZAPC, one of the main proponents of the game and organizer of the launch event back in 2015. The momentum, HIREZAPC seems to estimate, is not going away.

One thing that does a lot of credit to Hi-Rez Studios and inspires hopes for the future of Smite as an eSports is the commitment on the part of the eSports website the studio has launched. Around for some time now, this could easily be your go-to stop when looking for tidings on the latest development in the world of Smite eSports.

Smite eSports Schedule – The Tournaments Are Propellers of Growth

And a rudder! Far from being a grassroots exercise, Smite and associated Smite betting have not moved so far past the thin blue line that separates eSports titles from the all-and-sundry of the gaming world. Nevertheless, the game has been piquing players’ and investors’ interest all around. Let us have a looksee at some of the ongoing tournaments out there and probe the Smite betting opportunities at hand.

2015 Smite World Championships, Atlanta, Cobb Energy Performing Centre

The first tournament was staged back in 2015 and held at Atlanta’s 2,750-seat Cobb Energy Performing Centre, amid an abundance of art, cosplay and droves of awe-struck enthusiasts.

Smite World Championships

smite world champions esports bets

Since 2015, the World Championships have been a regular gig reaffirming Hi-Rez Studios’ commitment to eSports and their homebrew of a title. With $1.3 million in prize money for the winner, the tournament incited quite the competition and it flirted with bookies which scurried to introduce odds.

Naturally, bookies have not made a breakneck progress introducing eSports betting options for Smite. Nevertheless, renowned operators were quick to adopt the game, as eSports bookies love to keep their eyes peeled for forthcoming eSports titles. In a sense, sportsbooks are taking a stab in the dark at any new title that comes around with a solid amount of cash to claim its self-styled eSports ancestry.

Quick Facts 2015 SWC
  • The prize pool was pegged at $2.6 million.
  • A team with the remarkably apt moniker Titans clinched a convincing victory, and wrote the de facto first underdog-turned-winner story in the game’s history.
  • Overall, 8 top teams worldwide competed in the event.
  • The world championships are still ongoing and bookies offer real money odds for every iteration.
A few takeaways about the Xbox tournament
  • The 2016 Xbox World Championship event was the first tournament for the console iteration of the game.
  • It featured ten teams who vied for pickings worth $175,000.
  • Organizers offered a concurrent Smite Xbox Open Invitational, providing teams that failed to qualify for the Xbox World Championships a chance to fight for a share of the award money.
  • The Xbox world championships are still ongoing and part of Hi-Rez Studios of promoting the game as an eSports.

2016 Smite World Championships, Limelight on Xbox

smite console world champions esports bets

This is a moment for the punter to pause and to consider the stratagem employed by this little mucky nugget Smite. Give it a bit of a buff and it shines ever brighter. Hi-Rez Studios introduced the Xbox iteration of Smite in August 2015 and followed up on this with a yet another eSports betting opportunity for their game.

Even though Smite betting is focused entirely on the desktop version of the game, the introduction of salivating prize pools for the Xbox iteration of the game did whet the appetite of bookies and punters alike. In recent years, PlayStation 4 has joined the Smite console world championship family, and today the PS4 has its own set of teams and players that compete in their separate division. Fret not, punters, as bookies will also offer odds for any major event featuring Smite, including the mutual Xbox and PS4 tournament.

Apart from the events that enjoy the riches of developers, punters and bookies may tap into a number of side-gigs:

Smite Pro League

smite pro league esports bets

Confound the leagues that have passed up the buck on Smite! Enter Smite Pro League, operating in both Europe and North America. The two events have an offspring event known as the Gauntlet, and they have players from both continents run it.

Key takeaways from the season
  • The NA and EU Spring Split featured $290,000 in prize money.
  • The Spring Gauntlet Land & Finals LAN featured a combined $210,000 in prize money.
  • The 2017 Pro League Season is considered to be the biggest in Smite history.
smite esl pro league esports bets

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) has long been a proponent of electronic sports for those of professional and a slightly more laic turn of mind alike. Occasionally, bookies will run odds for the league. ESL was among the first to commit to the game and added a now defunct fantasy league for Smite eSports way before other established operators did. Would be punters should be on the lookout for some Smite eSports betting.

smite mlg pro league esports betting

The Major League Gaming (MLG) is the premier gaming leagues out there operating in North America. The MLG has made sure to help Smite get a proper footing in the eSports environment. However, Smite has been phased out and no Smite eSports betting can be done here. Moving on.

The Smite eSports schedule can be split into three main seasons, with only winter being left out as a sort of hiatus in the general eSports excitement prior to the next World Championships.

The proliferation of leagues is definitely a fillip to Smite which has been designed as an eSport by its creators. However, the divvying up between various platforms may cut both ways. While bookies are as certain as ever that they will continue to introduce bets for as long as there are large-scale events, there are a few reasons to worry, namely the lower-than-expected numbers of followers. Beyond that, you should hurry up and enjoy some Smite betting.

Smite eSports Still to Grow in Popularity and Numbers

As punters, you should be plumping for eSports and encourage the efforts of the developers to contribute to the common end that is reaffirming the position of Smite in the eSports industry. Growth should happen organically and be driven by community, as it has always been with eSports. Betting on Smite is not a bad way to go about it, and don’t you worry now – with so many gods’ paws in the pot, this is one sin fewer to fret about.