R6 Betting – Complete Guide to Wagering on the Esport

Rainbow Six and its tournaments are some of the most important events in esports. The Six Invitational is just the conclusion, year-round, there are R6 tournaments with the top players in the competition. R6 betting is a great way to get a bit more excitement out of these matches. It's best to go into R6 esports betting knowing everything you can, though. Here we're going to cover all of that. The best R6 betting sites, Rainbow Six tournaments to bet on, and how it all works. This is everything you need to know.

Rainbow Six Siege (r6) - Latest eSports Stats

Rainbow Six Tier 2 Pro Team Skins Part 1
Rainbow Six Tier 2 Pro Team Skins Part 2
TOP PLAYS: Rainbow Six APAC South League
Game Details

Genre: FPS Format: 4-V-4 Publisher: Ubisoft Release Date: 2015

Prize Money Awarded: $24.4 Million from 391 Tournaments

Largest Prize Pool

Tournament Name: The Six Invitational Prize Money: $3 Million

Top Country

Country Name: United States Prize Money: $5.6 Million

All Types of Rainbow 6 Bets

Rainbow Six eSports betting

The different options for Rainbow 6 betting go beyond just deciding which team will win at the Invitational. You can get creative with your betting. Looking at all of the R6 betting options at R6 wager sites is going to widen your horizons. You can place bets on more specialist outcomes like first blood or score. This can be beneficial if you’re looking to take advantage of good odds whenever they occur. These are all of the different betting types and options that you’ll find for this game:

Types of Rainbow Six Bets

The types of bets you can take will vary depending on a couple of factors. Not everyone offers all of the markets available for R6 wagering. However, for the biggest R6 esports tournaments, you’re going to see most of these types of bets. These are all of the distinct types of Rainbow 6 esports bets you can place:

  • Match Winner – This is the simplest bet type. It is what team is going to win a match. While simple, this can be hard to predict for some games.
  • Map Winner – You can place a bet on which team will take a specific map. This is great if you think a team is rebounding. If you don’t think a team will get the whole match but might win a map, this is a good option.
  • Score – You can place a bet to predict the exact score of a match! This one is pretty tricky since there are a lot of possibilities. It can have the biggest payouts in R6 esports betting, though.
  • First Blood – This bet is based on which team will get the first kill in a game.
  • Handicap Bets – You can place handicap bets on both a match and on specific rounds. These are bets where one team gets a handicap or score to beat. This helps to even the odds out between the favorite and the underdog.
  • Race to 3 Rounds – This is a unique bet that is on which team will be the first to reach 3 rounds.
  • Overtime – This is a bet on if a round will go over into overtime or not. This one is more niche, but you’ll see it in bigger games.
  • Total Rounds Over/ Under – This is a bet on the total rounds with a twist. Rather than having to get it exactly right, you pick a number, and it can go over or under.

Those are all of the main bets for Rainbow Six. However, for some matches, you might still run into some surprises. Bookmakers offer special bets sometimes that don’t fit into one of these categories. These types of bets are rarer, but you’ll see them from time to time.

Live Rainbow 6 Betting and Streaming

Live betting and live streaming add an extra layer to the proceedings! This is a feature offered at the best R6 betting sites. It lets you adapt your bets as matches progress. You can change your bet on R6 fixtures depending on what happens in the game. You can cash out early to secure some profit or double down if you feel like the odds will go back in your favor! Alongside R6 live streaming, it can make the R6 esports betting experience much more fun. This is how it all works:

Types of Rainbow 6 Esports Bet

The types of bets offered for live betting on R6 events are largely the same as those offered premarket at Rainbow 6 wager sites. These are the markets you’re going to see:

  • Match Winner;
  • Map Winner;
  • Score;
  • First Blood;
  • Handicap Bets;
  • Race to 3 Rounds;
  • Overtime;
  • Total Rounds Over/ Under.

They’re largely the same as pre-match bets. However, Rainbow Six esports betting live adds a new element. You’re able to try and react to the game as it happens. If you call it right, you can salvage a bad bet or make money on a good one. Naturally, there are risks with live betting, though. Odds can change quickly, so make sure you’re being careful.

Live Streaming

Games can be live streamed on most of the best Rainbow 6 betting sites. This lets you watch the match as you’re adjusting bets on R6, cutting down on the time it takes to change your bet. Live streaming can vary from site to site though. Most sites that offer R6 betting have mirrors of official streams. The quality is similar for most. Some eSports betting sites have sub-par video players though, so double check it’s a stable stream before relying on it. The best sites show the major R6 tournaments and improve your experience.

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The Biggest Competitions and Prize Pools

Rainbow 6 has a wide esports scene with tournaments ranging from the Six Invitational to every local novice R6 league. The biggest tournaments are some of the best in esports as a whole, but you shouldn’t ignore the smaller ones. This is how the esports scene for Rainbow Six breaks down:

The Six Invitational

The Six Invitational is the main event for R6 esports. This is the culmination of an entire year’s worth of competitive play. Teams compete at Majors to secure their spot. Once they’re here, they have a shot at the highest prize pools in the game. They’re facing the best players at Rainbow Six each year, though. The tournament starts off with a group stage before moving to a double elimination bracket.

The Six Invitational is the biggest part of Rainbow Six betting. This is where all the R6 wager sites will offer wide markets. However, it is just the end of the Rainbow 6 esports schedule. There’s a whole year’s worth of events leading up to this. It is probably the highlight for R6 esports betting, though.

R6 Tournaments Calendar

The Rainbow Six competitive calendar is broken down into Majors and regional tournaments. These are R6 events that take place throughout the year that help teams prove their worth and secure slots at the Invitational. This is how the schedule looks for R6 betting:

Six Majors

The Six Major tournaments are hosted by Ubisoft in various locales around the team. These events pull in the best players in their respective regions. These are chosen from the Pro Leagues that operate locally. If you’re looking to bet on R6, you can find these majors at most R6 betting sites. These are held every three months in these regions:

  • Six Major APAX North;
  • Six Major Oceania;
  • Six Major South Asia;
  • Six Major North America;
  • Six Major Europe;
  • Six Major Brazil;
  • Six Major Mexico.

Each Major has a varying prize pool depending on the size of the region. However, all the Rainbow 6 esports events are held on the same schedule during these months: November; August; May.

R6 Esports Prize Pools

Rainbow Six is one of the most well-known shooters, but there’s a lot of competition in this area of esports. To attract the top talent, Rainbow Six has some of the higher prize pools for a shooter. The biggest are for the Invitational. This has risen as high as $3 million for recent tournaments.

Outside of the Six Invitational, there are still some more impressive prizes. The Majors might be another tier down, but even these tournaments have prize pools that go up to $500,000 for most of the regions. They’re definitely still big R6 events for esports betting.

Place Your Bets on Rainbow Six

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Rainbow Six Betting Tips

That’s what you need to know about how Rainbow Six esports bets work and the tournaments. However, there are also some R6 esports betting tips that can help you get more out of Rainbow Six betting. The game isn’t too complicated, but there are some key things to keep in mind if you want to keep your betting fun. This is what you should know:

  • There’s More than the Six Invitational – The big international final is the central event for this game. But R6 betting covers a lot more than just this one event. Remember to keep an eye on smaller tournaments and leagues to see which team is on the rise. It can pay off for bigger R6 esports betting events.
  • Follow Teams and Players – Keeping track of the teams and players that are involved in a game is going to help a lot. If you know which teams have players moving around and their recent form, you’ll be better able to see deals in the odds. The more you know, the better decisions you can make in R6 wagering.
  • Play the GameRainbow 6 esports played competitively is on another level, but you get a better understanding from playing yourself. Try the game out for yourself!
  • Watch the Games and Use Live Betting – Live betting and live streaming for Rainbow 6 are a great way to change your bets up as matches progress. Use this to your advantage and lock in profit when things are going well!
  • Research Fixtures – Matches of two teams can have unexpected results if you don’t do your research. Research when the teams last met and how things are looking for the next clash.
  • Compare Odds – Different betting sites have different odds for the same bet! Compare the top Rainbow 6 betting sites and make sure you’re getting the best payout.


  • Can You Bet on R6?

    You can bet on pro Rainbow Six games at a lot of different sites! Most will cover all major esports games, like the Six Invitational and various Majors. Stick with one of the best betting sites and R6 betting is safe.
  • Who Is the Best Rainbow Six Team to Bet On?

    There isn't one clear 'best' in Rainbow Six. The best team can move around quickly as more matches are held. At some points, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Liquid have both been high teams in estimations. NiP specifically are often touted as the best team in the game. This can change though.
  • What Are the Best Rainbow Six Betting Sites?

    Any of the sites listed above are great choices for R6 betting sites. Make sure you look for value in the site as well as safety and performance. This should help you find which of the best Rainbow Six betting sites is right for you.
  • Which Player Has the Highest Earnings in R6?

    The highest-earning player for Rainbow Six Troy Jaroslawski. He's been part of a team that has won Six Invitationals Majors, and Pro leagues. He's defiantly one of the best R6 esports players of all time.