PUBG Betting 2024 – Where to Bet on the Game and How to Bet Smarter

It might not be the original Battle Royale, but Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is the game that took the genre mainstream and led it to dominate the world of esports and gaming. The title has come a long way, and it has grown into a big and expansive PUBG esports scene that a lot of players bet on. Here we're going to cover everything you need to know about Player Unknown's Battlegrounds betting. Like how PUBG wagers work, the biggest tournaments, and which are the best betting sites. This is what you need to know:

PUBG - Latest eSports Stats

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PUBG Nations Cup
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Game Details

Genre: Shooter/Battle Royale Format: Battle Royale Publisher: KRAFTON Release Date: 2017

Prize Money Awarded: 45,263 million from 405 Tournaments

Largest Prize Pool

Tournament Name: PUBG Global Championship Prize Money: $4,412,831

Top Country

Country Name: China Prize Money: $1,378,264

All PUBG Betting Types

PUBG eSports betting

Your average competitive round of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has a lot for players to think about, between betting, looting, positioning, and trying to track down kills. This means there’s plenty you can bet on beyond a winner. If you’re looking at how to bet on PUBG esports, the type of bets and options available to you are pretty important to get your head around. You’ll need to know what each bet means and why some of the more niche bets out there can be a good pick in some matches. These are the types of bet you can use and the different options for betting:

Types of Bets

There are loads of different markets available for esports betting. Some can offer better odds than just going for a simple tournament winner. These are some of the main types of bets that you’ll see across the best PUBG gambling sites:

  • Outright Winner – This is the simplest type of bet on PUBG, it is who will win an individual event. Since most tournaments are multiple games, this is usually who wins the overall bracket.
  • Match Winner – While kills count for a lot, the outright winner of each match gets plenty of points too. The match winner is which player gets the 1st place last-man standing in each game.
  • Kills – You can place bets on which player gets the most kills in games. In tournaments, this is often the most important metric for how teams are performing.
  • First Blood – This is which player gets the first kill in each game of PUBG esports.
  • Over/Under Points – You can bet on the points scored by a team being over or under a certain amount. This is great if you want to predict the exact score of a tournament but think a team will at least go above a certain level.

Those are the main markets and types of bets that you’ll find in every bookmaker. However, for some events, there will be more options on offer, so remember to check the range of bets you can take before an event.

Different Options for PUBG Betting

This is a big game and there’s more you can do than place simple bets on a match. If you’re looking to get a bit more creative, then these are the types of PUBG betting:

  • Real Money Betting – This is the standard type of placing bets. We’ve covered the types of bets for this above.
  • Skin Betting – Skin betting is a different type of esports betting that lets you gamble using in-game items. Skins are suitable for skin betting, so you can do this with this game at designated PUBG skins betting sites.
  • Wagers – Wagers can be more informal bets, like making a wager on your own performance in-game. There are some PUBG wagers sites, and some players organize them more informally like in Discord servers.

Live PUBG Bets and Streaming

Live streaming has been a major part of the game’s success, with players on Twitch helping it to reach a huge audience. This makes this game a great pick for live betting and live streaming. This is where players can place bets and alter them as a game is going on. When a PUBG betting site offers live streaming too, you can watch the game and alter your bets on the same site, all in real time.

There are a few advantages to PUBG esports betting live, like letting players capitalize on instant changes in how a player or a team’s performance is going. This is how it all works for live betting:

Type of Live Bets

Live bets are largely the same as those available before a match starts. These are the main bet types you’ll see in live betting on the best PUBG betting sites:

  • Outright Winner
  • Match Winner
  • Kills
  • First Blood
  • Over/Under Points

Live Streaming Availability and Quality

Those are the live bets you can place, but how does the game fare for streaming the games as you’re looking at your bets? Most of the best betting sites offer live streaming of the official streams. The availability is wide for these, and the quality is decent. You’ll find that they’re all mirrors of the official stream, so it really just comes down to the quality of the video player on each bookmaker.

One thing to watch out for if you’re looking at live streaming and betting is that Battle Royales can be weird to stream. Most people like to pick a player or a team and watch from their point of view entirely, rather than sticking with the official stream that jumps between various players. If you’re watching on a bookmaker stream rather then you’ll probably get the official view that jumps between players.

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Biggest Tournaments

Player Unknown is a big e-sport that encompasses a lot of different tournaments. What you’re watching and betting on will depend on which region you follow closely. This is what you need to know about the PUBG tournaments. These are the big events that you’ll find in any PUBG betting sites list of games.

The biggest and most popular Tournament is probably the Global Championship. This s the highest-level official event that’s run for the game. It brings together the top teams in the world for a huge event with a major prize pool. However, this tournament is just the end of the road for PUBG tournaments each year. Leading up to the PGC we have regional events like the Continental Series. These regional tournaments make up the rest of the PUBG esports tournaments, the best betting sites even cover these smaller tournaments.

Schedule for PUBG Events

The competitive calendar is all building toward the Global Championship. This is what the tournament schedule roughly looks like for PUBG esports:

  • Continental Series – The Continental Series are held as regional tournaments every year. These have a decent prize pool and they’re an opportunity for teams to score some early points for the PGC too. They’re held from April to May in each region.
  • G-Loot – The G-Loot Season events are third-party tournaments, but they still contribute points to the PGC leaderboard. This makes them an important step for teams hoping to make the finals.
  • PUBG Nations Cup – The Nations Cup is an international event where the most popular players in each region are chosen to represent a team for that region. They then face off in these national teams. This is held during the summer, each year.

PUBG Global Championship

The PGC is definitely one of the biggest events for PUBG esports betting. Pretty much all betting sites will at least be offering odds for these events. The tournament is usually held over the autumn season, concluding with the winter holidays. The full prize pool for the event is typically unknown before the final, but this is the tournament that typically blows the others out of the water for cash on offer to players.

Place Your Bets on PUBG

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Betting Tips

Battle Royale games aren’t easy to predict. A lot happens in your average game and there’s much more chance for random events and fun than you’ll find with a different type of game. So, if you’re looking at PUBG betting, then you need to go in knowing everything that you can. These tips can help you make the right decisions before picking a wager:

  • Know the Game – This gets updated a lot and minor changes to the loot pool can make a big difference to how things play. Stay up to date with patches and each season of the game so you have a better idea of what’s going on.
  • Play the Game – Playing the game can give you a better sense of how teams are performing than just watching. There’s an element of randomness to Battle Royales like PUBG which can be hard to predict unless you’ve got some game time for yourself to get to grips with it.
  • Follow Teams and Players – Keeping an eye on the biggest teams and players in PUBG can help you better pick what option to bet on. You should know if they’ve had roster changes that could affect things last minute.
  • Compare Odds – For esports, the odds can vary quite a bit from bookmaker to bookmaker! Do your research and make sure you’re using the site with the best odds for the best payout every time.
  • Take Advantage of Bonuses and Free BetseSports betting websites often offer bonuses to new and returning players! Take advantage of these to get some free bets on PUBG.
  • Stay Safe – Stick with legit PUBG betting sites and always check a bookmaker is fully licensed.


  • Is PUBG Betting Legal?

    Betting on PUBG is perfectly legal and safe! However, you need to make sure you're using a trustworthy site. If you stick to the best betting sites, then you shouldn't run into any problems. Everything on the legit PUBG betting sites is safe. All the best bookmakers on a PUBG betting sites list are legal.
  • Is Player Unknown's Battlegrounds a Gambling Game?

    While you can bet on esports, the game doesn't have any gambling mechanics itself! This is purely something that fans and players do for fun on the side. The game can be played without gambling, or you can bet on the performance of players in pro games too.
  • Can You Bet on PUBG Games?

    You can bet on pro-level games at a lot of major events! However, with some bookmakers, you can even bet on the performance of streamers in random games, and you can bet on your own performance.