eSports HearthStone Betting – Come Warm Your Boots by the Bookies’ Fire

A once-arcane gathering has come in vogue and it has done so splashing aside all prejudice against it. Blizzard and a handful other companies have been spearheading this revolution in electronic sports. The sluice-gates have been unbolted and the river of this new phenomenon is in full spate, bringing profits for eSports enthusiasts of all stripes. We have the regular eSports buffs and those who like to lavish copiously on Hearthstone eSports betting.

But prior to plunging into the universe of Hearthstone and eSports betting, we ought to explain the phenomenon that is Hearthstone. More than a mere game, Hearthstone serves as a point of convergence for all heroes and characters from Blizzard’s popular “Warcraft universe.” This well-executed and swanky amalgamation of make-believe world paired with its addictive rules of play have contributed for a mass of supporters worldwide that transcends any reasonable estimates.

The recent rev up in Hearthstone eSports and betting can be chalked up to Blizzard’s own vehement commitment to the segment and a general spike in the activity of eSports bookies who have been embracing promising electronic sports titles en masse in the pursuit of profits and relying on conversions between mainstream sports and their digital brethren.

Hearthstone - Latest eSports Stats

HearthStone 2017 eSports recap
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Game Details

Genre: Strategy Card Game Format: 1v1 Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Release Date: 2014

Prize Money Awarded: $23,233,130.26 From 847 Tournaments

Largest Prize Pool

Tournament Name: Heartstone World Championship 2019 Prize Money: $1,000,000.00

Top Country

Country Name: China Prize Money: $3,397,145.20

In the following review of eSports Hearthstone, we will focus on groundwork eSports betting and tournaments:

  • We will examine past, ongoing and future events and their prize pools.
    Rationale: Steady influx of funds for a game is what keeps it vibrant and galvanizes bookies to introduce eSports betting.
  • We will revise types of eSports bets available for Hearthstone.
    Rationale: Familiarity with the types of bets and various modes of betting is the bread and butter of any first forays in this field.

We will introduce the punters to betting strategies and impart strategies to be employed when placing wagers. Rationale: Knowing how to bet and hedge against adversity would result in greater winnings

In addition, we will discuss the industry as a whole in passing.

Hearthstone Betting for All and Sundry

Welcome to the crux of our betting review, punter! When setting out to bet, it is always good to have caught some wind of what is what in the world of electronic sports wagering. Let’s go through the offers out there and see if we can hook you up with somewhat neat.

Standard Bets

Those bets can be further subdivided into match bets and tournament bets. If you have happened to read any of our reviews of eSports Betting Websites, you will have a good recollection of what these bets are about. For the new readers, here is the lowdown.

Match Betting

Match betting is the predominant type of bets there are. They are simple and boil down to calling who will win one particular match-up in a given event. Those bets are also quite straightforward and the knowledge you need to make a successful call is somewhat limited, comparing to calling on the outcome of entire tournaments.

Tournament Betting

This is a more complex form of betting. It signifies that you are prepared to take a chance on which team player will come out victorious and this is a rather gruelling thing to do. The upside of such betting is that the earlier you call a winner, the greater your profits would be on the off-chance you are correct. However, as you can imagine, you are also more likely to waste good money.

data from Twitch TV on Heartstone eSports

Hearthstone remains one of the most watched eSports titles on

Now, in fairness, placing a tournament Hearthstone bet would be a rather more demanding task. eSports punters excel at betting and tend to take bookies to the cleaners 90% of the time. This is because of two simple reasons:

First, punters are also avid gamers and tend to be well-informed about developments about their video game. The intransigence of eSports punters to transition from one game to another or from eSports to mainstream sports has confused bookies who had imagined the future differently. Owing to, Hearthstone has been drawing droves of sworn viewers. The superconnectivity of professional players through social media and their own channels online has also been a contributing factor.
After all, gaming events today draw crowds that are larger than some mainstream events.

Secondly, bookies have been failing to assign desk specialists to crunch numbers and familiarize with games, events and the nature of gaming. This leads to the current deadlock, which leaves 90% of all offerings put forth by eSports bookies as a major drain on their purse.

More Betting Options

Special odds

This type of bet offers plenty of leeway for punters to float great ideas. This is entirely to what is going on in the head of the bookies, but examples of special odds would be punters trying to predict which Hearthstone would be drawn or how many cards would it take a player to smash up the other player’s deck. Those are all rather contingent bets and they do not necessarily fetch you money, but they do most certainly add to the general excitement of the game.

Live Betting

Moving down the list we have live betting. Live betting has been occasioned by the growing interest on the part of punters into tuning in to watch their favorite players square it out. Live betting on Hearthstone is actually into one great fabric. Viewership drives advertisement revenues, and bookies have done their damnest to produce powerful mobile version of their desktop portals so that punters may throw wagers from all over the place.

Their bid has been largely successful. Live betting on eSports Hearthstone is not an easy thing to do. We recommend that you always tune in to watch a game. Otherwise it may not be that good of an idea to place your wagers blindly and elope elsewhere.

Bitcoin Betting on Hearthstone

Lastly, we want to talk bitcoin. Placing wagers through bitcoin is slowly gaining traction. The anonymity that the blockchain currency offers is tempting enough offer for punters to use it as a means of betting.

However, be wary of unlicensed eSports bookies out there. The main advantage of bookies that use bitcoins is that they are anonymous. If you run into a hybrid bookie offering both money bets and bitcoins bets, bear in mind that you may impart some details about yourselves.

Odds Juggling

Before we conclude this section, there are several things we ought to add. If you want to retain the better part of your investment and make a pretty penny on top of that, you ought to be aware of one of the tenets of placing bets on Hearthstone: odds juggling is making sure you cherry pick between odds offered by various bookies. This way you can reduce the eSportsbooks advantage by spreading your money over multiple bookies and making sure you have laid money on the most profitable wagers.

Where To Bet On hearthstone

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Hearthstone eSports events: Where It Starts, Where It Is Going

This year has offered a great many gigs for Hearthstone fans of either competitive or betting turn of mind. Ample opportunity has presented itself for punters to turn some handsome profits along the events-interspersed 2020. Here is our take on the years in tournaments, prize pools and highlights.

Hearthstone Grand Prix

Masters Tour 2019

All eSports Hearthstone buffs out there, have heard the words “Masters Tour” uttered in hushed tones. The Masters Tour is indeed the stuff of dreams. The tournament offered $500,000 in winnings, plus HTC points. A number of bookies salivated at the prospect and introduced their offerings, including some of the top betting websites we have reviewed.

The good news is that “The Masters Tour” has no intention of relenting its commitment to Hearthstone, and if you missed the 2019 iteration, you might as well look forward to the 2020 edition.

Moving on.

HearthStone Global Games

The Global Games are a rather more substantial tournament, sporting the stonking $300,000 in prize money. The Global Games are sort of a World Cup where countries elect deftest players to represent them. Naturally, eSports bookies see plenty of untapped potential for Hearthstone betting, as nationalism is factored in the whole affair.

eSports betting odds HearthStone Global Games

Betway odds on the Croatia vs Philippines in the Global Games

In the spirit of sportsmanship, The Global Games offered handsome rewards of as much as $4,000 for everyone who made it between 17 and 48 position. In a word, the Global Games are promoting eSports and fairplay in a way previously unseen in mainstream sports, let alone in electronic sports.
We hold Blizzard solely responsible for the great job they have done with HearthStone and nurturing eSports in recent years.

Next on the list is the Masters Tour 2020 event, that will take place in Europe. The prize pool in this competition is going to be $250,000 – winning teams will also receive tournament qualification points for the “GrandMasters” series later on.

As advice to all newly-fledged Hearthstone bettors out there we recommend that you keep Masters Tour in your visors at all time as it is one of the most renowned game events out there that is featured in the offering of pretty much all self-respecting bookie.

Did You Know

When preparing to bet on Hearthstone we would recommend starting by shortlisting events which command significant interest. This way you will gave a great number of bets and you will be able to juggle odds. We will explain what odds juggling is a bit later in the article. In short though, you need to juggle in order to hedge against bets going awry and you losing on all fronts in the matter of moments.

The Heartstone GrandMasters

The HGM is another event that causes much excitement in the realm of Hearthstone eSports. With a prize pool of $500,000, a great number of competing teams are awarded varying amounts in order to incentivize their further participation. Of course, professional players pick tournament proceedings on top of their earnings as “signed up” pro gamers.

However, it is still a nice gesture by the organizers of Hearthstone events that they tend to reward the majority of people that “battle it out.”

The Masters Qualifiers

The Masters Qualifier Tournament (MQT) is the entry-level competition where teams of players compete not only for the prize pool of $250,000 but also for the chance to advance further into the championship events that follow.

Although considered to be the “initial tier” in the overall Hearthstone championship, all MQT events get substantial coverage on For eSports bookies, this is great news, as it allows them to offer a variety of markets quite often.

Now, what implications does this have for Hearthstone eSports betting? The greater the competition between self-styled pros and sworn buffs, the greater the variety of odds to bet on. Simple as that.

With eSports bookies intensifying their offerings and developers professing an unflinching support for their eSports titles, we believe the future is bright and largely digitalized.

Place Your Bets on HearthStone

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Hearthstone eSports in the Future

We hold that Hearthstone will continue to beckon to new fans and punters alike. The game has a vast and untapped potential to appeal to old-school gamers from all realms and all bents, while its easy learning curve makes it the perfect entry-level game for bettors. Whatever you might be thinking, bettors, profit is on the cards. Seize it.