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Salutations errant travelers, you have arrived at the entrance of Inn, your local watering hole and self-confessed prime venue for to-the-point eSports tips. In the following lines, we set out to elaborate on the specifics of eSports betting and shed light on what makes a successful punter.

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Today, established eSports bookies are struggling to stay ahead of the curve as punters claim pots of winnings more oft than not. Despite this drawback, from the standpoint of an eSportsbook at least, the eSports betting industry is worth as much as $600m, and prospects are looking up.

We will examine at length how eSports betting works and offer you tips as to how to beat the bookies at their own game. This is an overstatement, as it would be more accurate to say that it is rather your game, the punter’s, that eSportsbooks are hastily trying to learn the ropes of.


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eSports Betting Tips: How It All Began

Let us identify the reason why eSports betting is such a lucrative trade for your everyday gaming enthusiast. Tying the outcome of a video game to a moneyed wager revs up the excitement around eSports matches. Then again, the possibility exists that through a few prescient calls you may end up the owner of the better part of a heap of newly minted riches. eSports betting began as soon as a popular bookie launched the world’s first eSports betting website. The concomitant largesse that came from investors quickly whipped up the numbers of enthusiasts and money being exchanged and has given rise to a global industry that is expanding at a heady pace.

Several other underpinning factors have emerged from the vortex of what is known about the industry as a whole. eSports betting is simple and accessible. With the worth of the eSports industry slated to increase twofold by 2020, bookies and punters are salivating at the glorious prospects for their wallets.

Concisely, eSports betting looks easy enough to allure even the most reticent of bystander but underneath this veneer of simplicity there lurks a more demanding side. Still, there are a few tips about eSports betting that could help you break the impasse and forge ahead steadily in the swanky world of odds-beating.

Here are several eSports betting tips how to do it.

eSports Tips About Picking Your Bookie

Once we have decided to set about eSports wagering it is time to select our venues where we can share in the glory of the feeling. eSports betting is in most cases carried out online. Physical bookies are a rather uncommon sight in the United States, bar Nevada and New Jersey, and their presence is a bit more pronounced in the United Kingdom. Another outlier is Québec where the regional lottery’s officially accepting bets on eSports.

However, a few concerns about the legality of the endeavor persist. The United States is a hardliner on the matter of online eSports gambling. The idea here is to try to comply with local legislation.

Speaking of legality you always ought to opt for legalized eSportsbooks.

Our Top eSports Bookies Include

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These bookies stand apart with their nifty entry bonuses as well as sporting a credible track record of handling large transactions and respecting bookies privacy. Placing wagers through an established bookie would result in you not having to worry about disclosing your financial data to seedy characters or bickering for the amounts you win through eSports betting.

Licensed bookies will offer a number of staple titles, which the gaming industry has adopted as flagships of electronic sports.

eSports betting tips help those who help themselves

This adage rings truer than ever. We have covered a bunch of eSports titles not in the vain hopes of tipping you off about the best venues, odds and wagers available out there. Our goal is to also incentivize you into learning a bit more about the game yourselves.

Do you remember that some eSportsbooks are struggling to break even yet? That’s because of all the savvy punters who have been intimately involved with the whole thing from the getgo. Informing yourself is important and the eSports betting tips you can find on our pages are as informative as they are designed to prompt you into action and follow up on any betting clues.

Being an eSports fan helps you stay ahead of the pack, as you will most likely ferret out information about individual teams and athletes on social media and by staying loyal to their Twitch account.

Apart from identifying the staple titles, it may be worth considering specializing in a single title or multiple titles. Halo, for example, tends to be a niche gambling video-game as tournaments for the FPS are limited and are usually stalked by well-seasoned punters. We certainly consider specializing as an entryway for anyone who is new to eSports betting, as it could be more lucrative to learn how to juggle between betting odds, i.e. bet on the best odds across all eSportsbookies.

Before we mention odds juggling, let’s not shy away from the simple fact that brainy thing can have a deep passion for video games. Professional player and caster Ben ‘Merlini’ Wu walked out on a well-paid job to dedicate to his hobby, DOTA 2, full-time. Mr Wu’s commentaries are educational and they demonstrate that eSports and eSports betting are more than a simple opportunity to squeeze petty pennies out of anything. They are an actual underlining cultural phenomenon that could seem misguided as it does not aspire to greatness, but it is indeed meaningful and fulfilling in its own right. Electronic sports are their own end and they bring a lot of joy to millions of people, which helps them soldier through their day, and there is no shame in that.

Now to business.


Why specialization? Simply put, some titles are more easier to grasp. Then again, even if the mechanics of a game are not immediately understandable, some hours watching casts and tinkering with the game itself would definitely improve your understanding of a title such as DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 is an extremely popular titles that commands great audience and revenues, making it a perfect beginner’s game with a lot of room to expand and hone your wagering skills.

Betting and familiarizing yourself with a title that is readily available across all bookies is also a prelude for what we call odds juggling – going to the websites where odds on a particular match up are the best. Not too shabby at all.

Odds Juggling

We have already mentioned this phenomenon. To make it easier to understand, bookies will vie to post the best odds that would attract the most eSports punters without damaging their revenues and trying to stay afloat. Of course, as we have already hinted, eSports bookies are still grappling with the whole business of outsmarting punters.

What proceedings eSports bookies notch are due to errant or toddler chance takers, but even those nippers soon learn how to stand on their own two feet. Anywho, the rivalry between bookies results in multiple bets available across our recommended eSports betting venues, leaving you a lot of room how to manage your proceedings. Odds juggling is important for maximizing your earnings. And this has to do with our next tip.

Keeping a Budget

Starting out on eSports for fan-driven reasons is an awesome idea. A lot of organizations out there, including the MLG did that and they later turned to be regarded as community leaders. Do you remember when League of Legends sold out 16,000-seat Staples Center in Los Angeles? Well that was not just vanity and covetous pursuit of money. That was rooting for your team.

There is no shame, however, in wanting to rake in handsome sums. For those of you who want to revel in the greatness of eSports, but also want to make some profit, there is one thing called budget and preferably keeping it. Or at least putting it away something where you can consult it.

We recommend that you invest as much as $100 first, if you expect profits soon. Otherwise, most bookies allow you to bet with as little as $20. Not too shabby, at all as we like to say. And remember, there is more than luck to eSports betting, especially at the stage of development the industry is in.

At a glance, a budget should account for:

  • How much you expect to make per week?
  • What potential losses do you expect, worst case scenario?
  • Is the game you are investing in offering enough betting opportunities?
  • How much time do you spend on it daily?

Remember that nagging little adage that time is money. That is true. If you need to spend 2 hours analyzing a $50 bet, you may be better off doing something else, unless this is a stepping stone to understanding the industry better.

If you are running this gig for turning a profit, then factor for the following:

Social Media

Try to use social media to analyze the mental state of players. This is actually true, outlandish as it may sound. Being up to date with developments in the life of professional players could be a factor in determining the outcome of a game: are they jetlagged, did they have trouble obtaining a visa, which is stress and breaks up concentration. All of these matter, so when specializing in an eSports title heed our advice and stay tuned.

Past Brushes

Looking into past matches can again offer valuable insights. Players fare differently under different conditions and then again up against different competitors. So, a strong team may be struggling to drub a what is generally considered weaker band.
Still, these peculiarities are oft known to eSports enthusiasts and less so to bookies, which help punters turn a profit.

Yet for all our subtleties we are not wise, or are we? The point we are trying to communicate to you is even if you account for all of the above, you would still need to be patient before the windfall of well-placed bets come rushing through the air, like the proverbial apple that almost cracked poor ol’ Archimedes’ head open. Ouch, you buggers!

Prepare for the thrills of life, but also arm yourself with a good store of patience. You will need it, and soon enough, apples will be coming down aplenty.

Final words about eSports betting

So we have identified a handful of distinctive characteristics intrinsic to eSports betting. We now have a better understanding of why eSports are a big thing – they are not merely a fad, and they are well out of our mom’s basement and into the limelight. Whole households are now playing. Women are almost as involved in eSports as men are and all of this spells a great future and opportunity for electronic sports as a whole.

Throughout our articles we attempt to bring you the bare bones of the industry with the occasional statistics. We collate data after painstakingly ferreting it on the internet and we try to put in writing the tips and advice about eSports betting that you will most certainly need.

Before we part, eSports are a multi-layered cultural phenomenon that offers ample opportunity for moments profit and pure, distilled joy. As eSports are embraced more readily across the globe, so will you and we, for that matter, stand to make greater profits out of betting on eSports, and failing that, getting some extra kicks out of the frenzy surrounding this strange new beast.

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