Responsible Gaming

It Should be All Fun & Games

And we at do mean that! Online gambling whether it is casino games or sports/eSports bets has only one purpose – to be fun. Gambling in general is meant to be just an entertainment and should it become more than that we encourage you to seek help.

Here are some tips on how to gamble responsibly:
  • Set you limit
    • Obviously everyone’s budget is different , make sure you set yours in a way that you can afford it (in case you lose).
  • Take breaks!
    • We strongly advise against betting on everything! Know your strengths and don’t place blind bets.
  • Do NOT step into gambling with the purpose of making money
    • Yes, it is true that you can make some profits off gambling (especially eSports bets) but the moment you turn this type of entertainment into a full-time job you certainly have a problem, so you need to seek help
  • Cut your loses!
    • Everyone has a bad streak sometimes, even pro eSports players, so if you happen to have one, sit back, relax and try another time. Don’t try to chase losses, you should be prepared to spend all the money that you deposit for online bets.
  • And finally, if it is too much…
    • Most online bookmakers have the option to suspend or close accounts of struggling players. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, please contact the operators where you hold an account and ask for that option.

And remember gambling is prohibited under the age of 18 in most countries (always check eligibility and terms & conditions of your chosen operator), play responsibly and have fun!

* provides only information about eSports online betting & eSports online bookmakers. We do not offer real money bets!