Rocket League Betting Sites – How It All Works

Rocket League has come to be one of the biggest games in esports, not bad for a title about cars playing football with rockets attached! Since the game has gone free to play, its competitive side has only grown. Rocket League betting has become a fun way to add to your experience watching pro Rocket. With so many different high-stakes tournaments, Rocket League betting sites have a lot of options.

Whether you're completely new and wondering can you bet on Rocket League or just looking for some Rocket League betting tips, it can always help to get a bit more information. This is all you need to know about how everything works and how to get more out of it:

Rocket League - Latest eSports Stats

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Game Details

Genre: Arcade-Style Soccer Format: 3-v-3 Publisher: Psyonix Release Date: 2015

Prize Money Awarded: $9.84 Million from 40 Tournaments

Largest Prize Pool

Tournament Name: RLCS World Championship Prize Money: $2.085 Million

Top Country

Country Name: US Prize Money: $2 Million

Different Types of Rocket League Bets

Rocket League eSports betting

This is a game with more than 50 million players, so there’s a lot to cover when you talk about this esport! There are plenty of types of bets that you can make. The gameplay has some similarities to football, although with natural changes from everything being rocket-powered. A lot of the betting options follow this being similar to football bets. There are a lot of different ways to bet on Rocket League though, you can go way past just betting on one team or another to win. It pays to make use of all the different bets available. This is how it all breaks down:

All Types of Rocket League Bets

Most Rocket League betting sites offer a wide variety of options for each individual market. It isn’t always clear what they are, so if you’re confused or looking to expand your horizons with betting, these are the options:

  • Match Winner – This is the outright winner of an individual match-up between two teams.
  • Round Winner – You can bet on who wins the individual rounds of a match alongside the overall match.
  • Event or Tournament Winners – On some Rocket League gambling sites, you can bet on the winner of an overall event or tournament.
  • Handicap – This is a bet where the underdog gets a bit of an advantage to even the playing field.
  • Score or Points Over Under – Here you bet on the points in a round or match being over or under a certain amount.
  • Correct Score – This is a more specific bet where you try to get the exact score correct!
  • Round Score – Like the correct score, but here you’re betting on who will win an individual round of a match.

Is There Skin Gambling?

Some games allow you to place bets with skins, to win more skins if you’re successful. To wager Rocket League skins, you’d get more skins in return. This would be enticing for some players. However, the way that the skins are set up makes betting them impossible. There isn’t Rocket League skin betting at the moment since skins can’t be transferred very easily.

Live Streaming Action

Live betting is a fun element to Rocket League gambling that lets you change your bets depending on how a match is progressing. Live betting is pretty widely available, being covered at most betting sites where the title is offered. Live betting and live streaming together let you watch Rocket League esports games live on the bookmaker’s website. You can then change your bet, by cashing out or placing new bets, as the game changes and is played out. You’ll have to keep an eye on the Rocket League betting odds though, stuff can change quickly with live betting.

In terms of what live bets are available, the markets are pretty much the same as in the pre-match. These are the markets that most of the eSports betting sites offer:

  • Match Winner
  • Round Winner
  • Event or Tournament Winners
  • Handicap
  • Score or Points Over Under
  • Correct Score
  • Round Score

Rocket League esport live is broadcasted on the official Twitch channel. This is the stream that most Rocket League betting sites are going to be mirroring and broadcasting. The stream you’re getting for is roughly the same on every site. Although, its quality will vary depending on how well the site’s live streaming service operates.

Where to Bet on Rocket League

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The Biggest Rocket League Esports Tournaments

Since this is such a wide competitive game there is a good range of tournaments, both big and small. The organization of the esports scene has seen a big change in recent years though, especially when the game went to free to play. For Rocket League betting, the top level of competition has the most coverage, but looking across the entire game can be a great way to get more out of betting. If you’re wondering, can you bet on Rocket League, the top tournaments will be the main attraction but there’s more out there. This is how the tournaments and their prizes all breakdown:

Rocket League Tournaments

The competitive ecosystem is dominated by the in-game RLCS. The RLCS betting odds cover a lot of different regions too, so there’s loads of action going on. However, there are a lot more prizes and matches on offer if you look at all regions and different levels of competition. These are the major tournaments:

  • RLCS – The RLCS is the biggest international competition throughout the year. This is itself a qualifier for the World Championship. It’s three regional split events.
  • Rocket League World Championship & World Championship Wildcard – These are top-level competitions that bring together the teams from the highest level of the game.
  • Saudi eLeagues – The Saudi eLeagues are a separate tournament, that operates similarly to the RLCS. It’s roughly on the same level as the regional vents for the RLCS
  • RLCS Regional Events – These are lower events in the competitive timetable. These are held as regional tournaments with teams competing to be at the top in their region. The winners move through to the higher levels.
  • AAA Challenger Series – This is a lower-level event that has up-and-coming teams compete.

Rocket League Tournaments Schedule

The RLCS circuit is definitely the premier event for Rocket League betting. The competitive scene has been pretty tidily organized since Season X, with the RLCS and its various levels of competition being the majority of the esports matches. This is how the schedule for the RLCS breaks down:

  • RLCS Fall Major – December
  • RLCS Winter Major – March
  • RLCS Spring Major – June – July
  • RLCS Finals – August

Prizes in the Esport Tournaments

Rocket League might be free to play, but the game generates a lot of revenue, especially through esports and skins. With so many eyes on pro matches, the top-level games demand a decent prize pool. The main prizes come in the RLCS. This year the prize pool for this event is over $2 million. This is a lot more than most wagers in Rocket League!

Place Your Bets on Rocket League

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Betting Tips and Tricks

Betting can be a lot of fun, but this is a fast-paced and chaotic game. If you’re looking to get more out of Rocket League gambling, then these tips are going to help you:

  • Do Your Research – Follow the Rocket League teams and see how their recent games are going before betting. If you understand the game going into a match, you make better decisions for betting.
  • Watch the Games – Watch the games around teams before you bet on them! You can even pay attention to the flow of games while they’re live to get an advantage in live betting.
  • Bet on Big Events – The bigger a Rocket League event, the more stable the betting markets are going to be. Some sites offer more obscure matches but since these are lesser-known you might not be getting the best odds.
  • Compare Rocket League Betting Odds – Compare the odds for a bet across all the Rocket League betting sites. Often, you’ll get a better deal if you check for the best payout first.


  • What Can You Bet on Rocket League?

    You can bet on Rocket League esports matches, on a variety of topics covering professional games. The biggest tournaments have loads of matches, you can bet on any of these games. You're not limited to just who wins a match though, you can place bets on ether outcomes too like the score or a round winner.
  • How Much Do Rocket League Players Win?

    Rocket League players can win quite a bit in playing pro matches. What players will win is going to depend on how big of a tournament it is and where they place. In a major event, the winning team can take home up to $600,000.
  • Is Rocket League Free?

    Rocket League is now free-to-play! The game went free-to-play a little while ago and has had a change in format to focus on ongoing content and long-term support. This has been great for getting more players in the game.
  • Can You Bet Skins?

    Rocket League skin betting isn't currently available since the skins in the game aren't easy to transfer to another player. This makes it impossible to bet Rocket League skins or wager Rocket League in-game items.