Valorant Betting Guide 2024 – All Available Betting Options

Valorant is a relatively new game on the Esports FPS scene, offering a fresh new look and dynamic gameplay, all bundled up in a colorful setting. Shortly after its release in June of 2020 by Riot Games (the company that created League of Legends), it didn't take long for the first Valorant Esports teams to form and participate in some of the highest-profile tournament events in the world. This article will provide you with everything you need to know before placing your first stake in Valorant, and also explain why this particular game is regularly featured in most eSports betting sites.

Valorant - Latest eSports Stats

The round - gameplay preview - Valorant
Valorant uncover fracture - map teaser
Valorant episode 3 act II kickoff trailer
Game Details

Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS) Format: 5v5 Publisher: Riot Games Release Date: 2020

Prize Money Awarded: $9,529,074 From 604 Tournaments

Largest Prize Pool

Tournament Name: VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin Prize Money: $700,000

Top Country

Country Name: USA Prize Money: $300,000

How to Bet at Valorant Betting Sites – Market Types and Options

Valorant Champions Tour

The first thing a punter needs to do is find an eSports bookmaker that offers Valorant league markets. The somewhat bad news about any Valorant betting sites, is that they are usually split into two distinct groups – bookmakers who offer the bare minimum of betting options, and Esports-oriented sportsbooks that feature a whole plethora of betting opportunities. There is a use for both types of sportsbook websites, which is why they coexist together at all times.

How a Bet on Valorant Is Placed

After choosing a sportsbook, all you have to do is decide on what type of bet on Esports Valorant you want to make. After that, choose what type of bet you want to make – currently, the most commonly made stakes are on “Match Result”, “Match Up Handicap”, and “Total Maps Played Over/Under”. To experienced Esports punters, those Valorant bets might seem a bit basic, but there are other markets that become open once a competition is about to start or has already started. Whatever the market is, merely select your preferred odds, specify an amount of money, and place a bet. Any Valorant wagers will be shown on your bet slip.

If you visit a sportsbook that is more dedicated to Valorant wagering, you will probably discover many more betting options. In fact, some of them include other markets such as Winner, Map Handicap, Total Maps, Correct Map Score, Odd/Even Maps, 1st/2nd Map Winner Including Overtime, 1st/2nd Map Round Winner, 1st/2nd Map Round Handicap, 1st/2nd Map Winner, 1st/2nd Map Total Rounds, Map 2 Pistol Round Winner, 2nd Round Winner, 2nd Handicap, 2nd Map Total Round, and so many others. Usually, all betting options for Valorant which are made available by bookies everywhere, are:

  • Winner
  • Total Maps
  • Total Maps Handicap

Bear in mind that the quantity and variety of Esports betting markets you will find online, will depend on the type of bookmaker you’re visiting. For example, 888sports, although a renowned name in the industry is more oriented towards classic sports, which is why the Valorant markets it offers, are so few., on the other hand, is dedicated to delivering exclusive markets from the Esports scene, which is why there are so many betting opportunities out there.

Valorant Live Betting Is Existent

Punters will need to remember that because of the relatively small number of official tournaments, the availability of those markets will be short-lived. When those events are made available, bettors will be able to follow them more accurately via the available live streams. Although different eSports betting websites may offer different odds of the same markets, they will feature the same live-stream source.

In addition to classic types of Valorant bets such as “match win”, punters will also be able to place a wager on live markets such as First Kill, 1×2, Handicap, and quite a few others. We have explained some of the most interesting and volatile live bets here as well. Remember that Valorant gambling is risky, and you will need to know everything about a particular market before putting your money down!

Most Anticipated Live Market – Overtime

Usually in most Valorant wagering sites, “overtime” is disregarded as a rule from markets which are based on a specific competition. Things go a little bit more special with this game, however, due to the fact that the overtime gaming condition may or may not be generated by the game’s engine. In fact, it is the skill level of both Valorant Esports teams that might result in a tie-in situation. If such is the case, the game will continue to play out further than its standard of 12 rounds, until a score difference of 2 points is achieved by one of the teams. Overtime markets can be implemented on a specific competition, regardless of the event allows or doesn’t allow a “Draw” bet.

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The Most Popular Tournaments of the Game

The most popular (and largest) event of this Esport is called the Valorant Champions Tour. It is annually held, and it’s split into three major leagues. The first one, Valorant Challengers, is an official qualification event that is held on a regional level. Challengers is defined as a B-tier event, and its typical prize pool can reach up to $50,000. The winners of the competition, along with the second-best Valorant Esport team, gain the privilege of advancing further on the competition ladder.

The A-tier type of event in this Esport is called the Valorant Masters and is considered to be a qualifying event for the final stage of the Champions Tour. With more than $50,000 in prize money, this event is the second-biggest one in the Valorant scene. Just like the Challengers series of events, the Masters competition will be extensively covered by all Valorant Esports betting websites.

When it comes to the most elite event on the scene, the “Champions” match represents the absolute zenith of the game. Only the best parties in the world participate for the chance of earning the title of being the number one Valorant team in the world. The last event is often described as being “S-tier”, and its typical prize pool is listed to be $100,000+; however, reports suggest that the real amount is close to $1,000,000! The entire Champions Tour is organized by the developer of the game – Riot Games.

C-Tier – Smaller Events Are Also a Part of the eSports Betting Scene

All minor competition events are classified as “C-Tier”. There are hundreds of them that are organized and hosted all over the world, every month. Occasionally, Riot Games will organize such an event, which is more of an exhibition of the competitive Valorant scene, rather than anything else; however, the majority of C-tier competitions are held by independent Esports organizations and sponsors. Average prize pools for C-tier competitions start from $2,000 and can reach up to $11,000! Although competitions from the lowest tier don’t bring that much award money, they are also regularly featured by bookmakers that offer Esports markets.


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Common and Advanced Valorant Betting Tips

Valorant is a title that does require some basic knowledge before making a well-educated wager. In addition to the basic rules of the game, bettors will need to acquaint themselves with all of the characters here. After all, a better team composition is always known to tilt the favor in competitive matches – what this means is that even a team with unfavorable odds will have the chance to come on top.

The one particular mechanic in the game that will give you a better understanding of your own punter strategy, is the Spike mechanic. This is a gameplay function that is present on all maps, and it is regularly implemented in the creation of Valorant Esports markets. Much like the “bomb planting” mechanic in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, utilizing the Spike feature is crucial for the outcome of every round. Although a team can win a round without utilizing the Spike mechanic, all Esports teams use it in their gameplay strategy in one form or another, which is why it will often be featured as a market.


  • What Valorant Betting Predictions Do I Need to Look For?

    Make sure to watch out for any predictions that seem to be appropriate for the tournament event that's being held. Small competitions will be able to accommodate a number of minor markets that world-level competitions won't have, and vice versa. Either way, if we are to judge by the 'credibility chance' for any type of tip, we would choose any predictions which are based on 'match-winner' markets. Usually, those are based on the research of Esports professionals who perform a ton of analysis of different teams, in order to predict which, one will have a better chance of winning.
  • Where Can I Find Valorant Sportsbook Overtime Markets?

    Although overtime bets aren't limited by live or pre-match betting, they are more prominent in active wagering opportunities. The reason why Esports bookies include them in live matches, is because the Overtime condition usually enables in a highly competitive match, where both teams have reached a tie. With that being said, the best place to find such markets would be in bookies that are dedicated to Esports in general.
  • Which Valorant Betting Website Should I Use

    It all depends on the number and variety of markets you're looking for. Regular sportsbook websites will still offer the most popular tournament bets, but those bookies that specialize in Esports, will have a much wider selection of markets to choose from, including pre-match and live betting.